14 Outstanding Indian Short Films You Need To Watch Right Now

With the growing influence of the Internet, short films are increasingly attracting more viewers and have become a popular medium for story-tellers. Such films are made with the urge to tell an engaging story and it is possible to do so in less than half the time and with a fraction budget. Short films are also a field for budding filmmakers and enthusiasts to come and play with their talent and skills before moving on to the big league.

We have rummaged through the files and bring to you a list of short films that you must not miss.

1. Bypass

Directed by Amit Kumar and set in the arid region of Rajasthan, Bypass stars Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in leading roles. This short uses no subtitles or dialogue, instead it solely relies on the performances by acclaimed actors and is rich in cinematography. Directed by Amit Kumar, it was made in 2003 when actors like Irrfan and Nawazuddin were struggling to make a mark in the industry.

Source: Irrfanclub

2. Rastaa

Rastaa is the story of two boys, both beggars on the streets of Mumbai directed by Digvijay Chauhan. The film narrates the incident of a day in the life of these boys at a traffic signal, where they both struggle for survival. Shot in Canon 550 D, the film was screened at MAMI 2011.

Source – Bullhornpictures

3. That Day After Everyday

Made under Large Short Films by Anurag Kashyap and starring actress Radhika Apte in the lead role, this short focuses on the issue of eve teasing and molestation. Anurag Kashyap whose flair lies in narrating gritty realities of the modern world, provides the viewer with lots of grey characters. Written by Nitin Bharadwaj, the film keeps you glued till the end.

Source – LargeShortFilms

4. Black Mirror

Directed by Adi Burman this short tells the story of an orphaned boy, Ranu, who lost his parents in a bomb blast. Driven by hunger, he roams around in the streets of Mumbai and the story leads us to the dark side of the metro city through his perspective.

Source – PocketFilms

5. Little Terrorist

Nominated for Academy Award in the year 2005, this short film has been written and directed by Ashvin Kumar. The story is about an innocent Pakistani boy who crosses the border and reaches Indian soil in an attempt to fetch a cricket ball. The rest of the film follows him on his way back home.

Source – BurningLensFilmStudio

6. Tubelight Ke Chand

With incredible music and sound design, this innocent film by Shlok Sharma takes us back to the good old days of childhood. With almost no dialogue, the film does a great job of keeping the viewer engrossed. The lead protagonist of the film, master Mohammed Shariq delivers a wonderful performances which makes the short a treat to watch.

Source – PocketFilms

7. Migration

This short film is directed by the acclaimed film-maker Mira Nair and written by Zoya Akhtar and Vishal Bhardwaj. Migration focuses on the sensitive issue of AIDS awareness and stars Irrfan Khan, Shiny Ahuja and Raima Sen in lead roles.

Source – KhuraM Ch

8. Afterglow

Winner of the National Award for the Best Short Film on family values at the 60th edition of the awards, Afterglow is a tragicomedy about a Parsi widow who has lost her husband and the condolence visitors who come in to offer their mock sympathy. Watch this gem of a film by Kaushal Oza, which gives a new perspective about family values to the viewer.

Source – Kaushal Oza

9. Ahalya

This Bengali film directed by Sujoy Ghosh of Kahaani fame, takes on the conceptualised version of Ramayana in a 14-minute short film. The film stars actress Radhika Apte and Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee. At a time when the short was released, it had created a lot of buzz in social media. The epic thriller is definitely a must watch.

Source – LargeShortFilms

10. Chai

Geetanjali Rao tells the story of four immigrants crafted together in a sequence of montages, this short film is about the modern day complexities of the struggles in a metro city. More than the story, Chai offers a different outlook towards life that cannot be forgotten.

Source – LargeShortFilms

11. Nayantara’s Necklace

Directed by Jaydeep Sarkar, Nayantara’s Neckalce is a wonderfully crafted friendship between two women from different backgrounds. The film sketches out the aspirations of a middle class woman and attempts to take you behind what appears to the eye. What keeps the viewer hooked to the film is the rare detailing of its technique and the strong characterization told in a short film. The film stars Konkana Sen Sharma and Tillotma Shome in leading roles.

Source – LargeShortFilms


The short stars by director TTT stars Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur. Watch it for it’s humourous rapture and interesting storyline that is rare to come through in Indian cinema.

Source – TerriblyTinyTales

13. NaamKaran

Director – Konkana Sen Sharma

This short film directed by the talented actress Konkana Sen Sharma. The film is about the lifestyle of a pickpocket and she exhibits the detailed research of getting in the skin of the character, it’s mentality and thought. Above all, the short is crisp and compact which makes it for a good watch.

Source – Disharindani

14. That Sunday

This short film was officially selected for the Cannes. That Sunday is about the story of a woman getting raped and the confrontation that follows post the traumatic incident. Watch it, you will be stunned.

Source – Ujjwal Deepak

There are many more short films which deserve to make it to the list, but these are a few gems are a good place to start.

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