Are the travel agencies responsible for any accident claims

Every day thousands of people around the globe plan for a vacation with their friends & family, & for that people have to look for the Travel agencies for Holiday packages to have a hassle-free Trip.

But what if unfortunately you met with an accident during your trip, who will be held responsible for it the Travel Agency or the Customer. Is that trip covered with Insurance, will the travel agency provide any sort of assistance or help. What if the travel agency just close their eyes towards you & leave you helpless in middle of a road covered with blood.

Something similar happened to Puneet Garg a Pricing Analyst in Noida. His only fault was to decide to go on a Christmas Vacation with his wife and 2 year old daughter. He purchased a 5 day Holiday Package to Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty through Make My Trip, and read what happened with them below.

They were left helpless on the road at the accident site & the travel agencies didn’t even bothered to see if they were alive or not. Now the question arises here is “Are the Travel agencies turned so Inhumane that the only thing that values to them is money? Does a human life have no value to them?”.

Is the travel agency responsible for accidents?
On Humanity terms Yes.
But legally NO. They have already specified in their user agreement that ‘Unless explicitly provided by MMT, MMT doesn’t accept any claims arising out of such scenarios.’. Which nobody reads, and these companies play safe hiding behind such openly hidden agreements.

Unless explicitly provided by MMT in any specific service or deliverable, obtaining sufficient insurance coverage is the obligation/option of the user and MMT doesn’t accept any claims arising out of such scenarios.

Insurance, if any provided as a part of the service/ product by MMT shall be as per the terms and conditions of the insuring company. The User shall contact the insurance company directly for any claims or disputes and MMT shall not provide any express or implied undertakings for acceptance of the claims by the insurance company.


Lets hope MMT atleast helps them financially & cover all the Medical cost the Garg family is bearing because of a mere negligence from the Taxi Driver.

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