Bulletproof & Fireproof House Made From Used Plastic Bottles

You might have heard about tiny houses and tree houses built at the beautiful sights, but some creative brains successfully formed the homes from recycled materials. The idea of constructions without bricks and wood but the dumped plastic bottles sounds little weird but is the best step towards the neat environment.

The founder of Eco-Tec organisation, Andreas Froese belongs to Germany and has worked with various eco-friendly projects. He now came up with an idea of an eco-friendly house of plastic bottles. The walls and even the roof is made by mud filled dumped PET bottles that are even stronger than bricks. The house is built in Bolivia.

Let’s check out how this eco-friendly house of plastic bottles was built.

01. Let’s have a glimpse at the beautiful house of plastic bottles!


02. They have collected the bottles that are trashed from restaurants.


03. They have filled mud in the bottles for the strong construction.


04. The house is built with around 8000 dumped plastic bottles.


05. Usage of recycled materials for construction is the best way to keep environment neat and healthy.


06. The house is very economic as it costs very less.


07. As the plastic bottles are not brittle, the house made ot it can stand unaffected even by the abrupt shocks.


08. It can take up heavy loads without failure.


09. You won’t believe that this plastic bottle house is 20 times stronger than the usual bricks houses.


10. It takes less construction materials and is easy to build.


11. This incredible house can be said a literal pile of garbage.




12. The idea of plastic bottle house is even quite helpful for the homeless people.


13. This is undoubtedly an appreciable job that has taken just the small efforts and served the big purpose.


House Construction with Plastic Bottles by Samarpan Foundation

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