Check out for these 14 Signs to see how cool your Mom is

14 Signs Your Mom is a Cool Mom

READ THIS! Just because she is your mom, it doesn’t mean that she is dull and boring! She could be one of the coolest people you’ve ever met in your life!

If you don’t know already, moms are one of the best people in the world.

They are always there to make you laugh, have your back, wipe your tears and just be there for you in general.

If you don’t think your mom is cool, then here are some signs that may change your mind.

1. Your mom is your biggest fan and friend.

You would never think that someone could know so much about you other than yourself. Your mom is one of the first people to know what new is going on in your life and you both enjoy hanging out with each other. There is a click between you two that know one else has such has having an inside joke that only you two can laugh about.

2. She is your mom before she is your friend.

Although you can have the fun times and feel you are the BFFs of the world, she will always be your mom. She will tell you how it is, even if you don’t want to hear them. She will have your best interest in heart, but she will still put you in your place when she sees fit.

3. You can count on her as a listening ear.

Having a bad day, trying to get over a breakup or just needing advice, mom will be there to listen. You can call her up anytime without worries of her passing judgment about a situation that you may be going through.

4. Your mom puts family first.

Family always comes first with your mom, regardless if she has a great social life or career. Her priority in life will and always be her family to make sure that you are taken care of to the best of her ability.


5. You stick together at family gatherings.

When you are at a family gathering, do you ever notice that you and your mom usually stick together? Well, you can’t have fun if you don’t have someone you can giggle with when Uncle Sam starts talking about his weird hamsters. Who else will you be able to reminisce later about all the weirdness that happened at the family gathering?

6. She is your biggest hero.

As you were growing up, you may have thought to yourself, my mom is a superwoman and you hope that you could be just like her. When you were younger, you may have strived to be like your mom and still probably up to this day. You have to admit, mom is the top dog in most things she do.

7. She allows you to make mistakes, but is there to help.

Mistakes happen and at times you may fall on your face from there. It is definitely hard for you and possibly for your mom to watch. One thing about moms is that they know they have to allow you to make mistakes as that is the only way you may learn. Yet, if you try your best to work on your mistakes, but still need that little push, she will be there to help. She knows that she can’t live your life for you, but she will be there when you need her.

8. You mom always calls to check up on you.

Moms have to know how their children are doing, whether if their child is young or have kids on there on. She wants to be sure that you are doing okay and that everything is going great.

9. She will be watchful, but won’t hover.

Moms will keep a close eye on whether you notice it or not. She will make sure that you are staying on the right path. She knows how growing up can be tough. Remember, she was your age at one point in her life and she can be relatable because of her experiences.

10. She’s a kid at heart.

Your mom may be older and wise, however, she is still a kid at heart. She will always continue to have that young spirit in her and you could probably learn the coolest dance moves or the best tips and tricks to life. She’s been through it already. Of course, there may be a little embarrassment from time to time on your part, but usually it’s all in fun and your mom wants you to have a good time in everything.

11. Everybody loves your mom.

When everyone wants to invite your mom out or wants to hang out with her at gatherings, you know you have a cool mom. If word gets out that your mom will be at a function, you know your friends will stop by to tell your mom hello.

12. When you’re mad at your mom, you still love and care about her.

Everyone gets mad at their mom sometimes and it’s normal. She can drive your crazy, even if she has your best interest in hear. You may butt heads when you don’t agree with even the littlest things, but you know you can’t possibly love her any less.

13. You can’t imagine who you would be without your mom.

Your mom has helped you become the person you are today. She has built a strong foundation for you and picturing you mom not in your life can be difficult because she has been there for you since you were born. She’s taught you to stand up for yourself, listen to others, speak your mind, have fun and many other things that can’t be replaced. She may not always be perfect, but she is perfect for you.

14. Your mom is important.

Your mom is not only one of the most coolest people of the world, she is one of the most important people that you can have beside you in the world. What would you do without her?

What makes your mom the coolest mom in your eyes?


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