Cricket : Top 10 Errors & Cheating in Gentleman’s Game

Cricket : Top 10 Errors & Cheating in Gentleman's Game

Cricket is also known as Gentleman’s Game, but still it is prone errors & cheating. When winning is all what you want one can easily go to any level of aggression, & in that aggression you do those things which are ethically & morally wrong. We have compiled a list of few such errors & cheating.

Watch: Top 10 Errors & Cheating in Gentleman’s Game

In Dhonis case, the ball dropped just in front of his gloves, there is a 50-50 chance that he wouldnt know if he has caught it cleanly or not. So, let us give the benefit of doubt to MS and I apologise to all the viewers for the inclusion of this clip. Overall, you cannot question Dhonis sportsmanship because he is the type of batsman who walks when he edges the ball to the keeper.


But as for all the other cases, they were all deliberate actions in which the fielder was totally aware of the situation including the Campbell incident.

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