Easter Egg Hunt | Helicopter Drops 30,000 Eggs #EasterFun

Easter Egg Hunt

On the 8th of April, 2017 Kennebec Community Church, Augasta, ME threw an epic kid’s event. A helicopter came and dropped Easter eggs full of delicious candy! There was spin art, an epic egg hunt with over 30,000 eggs to find, Cartoon Characters for Kids and yummy refreshments!

An egg hunt is a game during which decorated eggs or Easter eggs are hidden for children to find. Real hard-boiled eggs, which are typically dyed or painted, artificial eggs made of plastic filled with chocolate or candies, or foil-wrapped egg-shaped chocolates of various sizes are hidden in various places. The game is often played outdoors, but it can also be played indoors. The children typically collect the eggs in a basket. When the hunt is over, prizes may be given out for various achievements, such as the largest number of eggs collected, for the largest or smallest egg, for the most eggs of a specific color, consolation prizes or booby prizes.

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