Hats off to the Son who saved his Dad’s Life

My brother is 3 years younger to me. We have the usual sibling relationship including those fights over silly things. What he has done for me has been briefed here for different stages/years of life. But there is something more to that, which is related to our whole family.

Before I start to narrate the incidents, I salute him for what he has done.

Okay! Here it is-

Oh, my saviour (early days)!

-I used to hate milk: my brother helped me finish my cup of milk

-I used to hate pulses: my brother was always at hand to finish my bowl

-I hate lizards: my brother was the savior, every single time!

-I once broke an expensive vase which was very dear to both my Mom and Dad..Oh my saviour came into action and took the blame. Our parents found out who was behind it, but we were exempted from punishment as they were impressed to see our unity 😀

My hostel days (he was still at home with mom and dad)

-He used to cry over phone and say, ‘I miss you di’. Poor thing actually used to sulk over phone, only after he had made me feel jealous of the food prepared by maa (mom makes the best food in the world 😀 )

-He used to make sketches for me, when he had those ‘miss you didi mode’

A very happy and normal family, with these usual sibling fights, love and support.

Fate took a grim turn when our dad was diagnosed with kidney failure (chronic kidney disease) in the year 2010.

According to doctors, both the kidneys were just 15% functional, and the condition was deteriorating each day. They said, a transplant would be required in another 6 months.

Now, let me give a timeline of events before coming on to what my younger brother did.

Year 2011: Doctor suggested us to look out for donors in our own family. My uncles (my dad’s elder and younger brother had the same blood group) agreed in a matter of seconds to donate their kidney, and were revered as Gods by us. Hailing from same genetic lineage, chances of organ compatibility are very high. But then, after a span of 3 months, they backed off.

Thankfully, somehow with proper diet control, medicines, and exceptional will power of my dad, backed by my mom, the rate of decrease of kidney functionality had slowed down.

Year 2013: Things again went out of control, because my dad had water borne infection and the consequences were extreme. He had severe digestion issue, and high creatinine, urea and low haemoglobin level, which was deteriorating the body.

Year 2014: He had gone extremely weak with very poor immunity system and increasing toxicity in his body. The toxic fluid filled inside the lung cavity, resulting in breathing issues. Doctors almost lost hope; he was saved with a lot of effort and prayers.

Dad was advised to undergo dialysis, 3 times a week. Doctors warned us and asked to arrange for donors at the earliest.

Our dad was still going to his office (HATS OFF!)

It is not easy to get donors. Organ donors are scarce not sufficient and enrolling in the never ending queue was only going to delay the whole process.

Year 2015: It was very difficult time for us. We were only feeling helpless seeing our dad going through so much. I have the same blood group as my dad, but due to some other medical condition, doctors declared me unfit for donating the kidney. My mom has a different blood group, more difficult to get the success after transplant with high dose of immunosuppression drugs (doctors didn’t want to take this risk, despite the advances in renal sciences).

Seeing all these and the extreme suffering of our dad, my younger brother decided to do this:

1. Decided to donate one of his kidneys

2. Firmly stood by his decision despite the opposition he got from all of us (it was hard to accept that the youngest member of family, had to go through this at a tender age)

He had finished his B.Tech in Computer Science, and he was looking for a job. But he left the whole process of settling down and was completely occupied with the paper work for nominating himself as kidney donor for our dad. He never feared twice going through the series of tests and answered all the questions asked by the court (to prove that he is willingly donating his kidney and is aware of the consequences)

29th October 2015: The team of doctors in Rabindranath Tagore Hospital, Kolkata, successfully did the kidney transplant!

After the operation, both of them were shifted to ITU (Intensive Therapy Unit) from OT.

My mom was the first person to meet them both and when she asked my brother how was he feeling, he said ‘don’t worry about me, maa. Look out for dad (knowing how difficult it is for the recipients to cope up)’.

We couldn’t be more proud of him. In the era where majority of the children don’t even care about the well being of their parents, he is an exceptional example. He truly earned our respect.

Our parents, however, are still worried about my brother (his job, health and marriage), but I am positive that everything will be sorted out one-by-one.

Hope is the best medicine 🙂

The picture above is 3 days after the operation when he was shifted from ITU to private ward.

Swati Shikha

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