How the bluff of a hijacked airplane Pilot saved the life of all Passengers

In 1983, a plane en route from Sofia to Varna was hijacked, the four hijackers demanding to be flown to Vienna. The pilots are unable to convince them that the journey is physically impossible since they only have enough fuel to get to Varna. The hijackers threaten one of the flight attendants with a knife and claim they are able to blow up the plane.

The pilots are left no choice but follow the hijackers’s will. With getting to Vienna being impossible, they continue to their destination and only tell the hijackers they’ve changed the course.

The plane reaches Varna and circles over until it runs out of fuel.

Meanwhile, the city is informed of the accident beforehand and the electricity is stopped so the hijackers can’t recognize it at night.  Two employees from Varna Airport who speak fluent German are disguised as Austrian employees.

The plane lands in Varna and the hijackers are convinced they are in Austria. While they try to negotiate with the “Austrian“ employees,  the police, also disguised, enters the plane. Before the hijackers can tell they are still in Bulgaria, they are captured by the police. One of them is shot, the others and all passengers are intact.

And, despite being hijacked, the plane reaches its original destination.

(Rough translation by Google)

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