I bet you have never seen such realistic 3D sketches – Monochrome Realism

I make pencil drawings. NO, not like the mainstream pencil drawings you come across everyday. I make all kinds of them. I have received several comments and messages saying I photoshop them. I take them as a compliment. I call it ‘Monochrome Realism‘. Here are a few photos:
Here is one I made on Walt Disney’s birthday:

In this drawing the tear drop is NOT real, it’s a drawing.

Here is a 3D drawing of Mario Götze scoring the winning goal for Germany at FIFA World cup 2014 finals. The entire image is a drawing.

Don’t trust me?

A similar 3D drawing of Saina Nehwal.

Negative drawing of Jon Snow.

Realistic drawings of Tyrion Lannister. He even tweeted me back! *grins*.

Also of Elon Musk.

Paul Walker’s sketch

A 20 minute charcoal drawing.

When mom asks if I still got enough Vitamin capsules. Medium used: Black pen & Vitamin capsules

I don’t even know what to call this one. I was watching ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy all over again and got completely carried away. Glad that the smoke detectors in my apartment didn’t go all bonkers! Yes, the fire is real. The drawing is all incinerated now :/

I get bored easily and so love to experiment a lot. Also, all these drawings are at my first try. I have never made a drawing that went as a waste. I probably make just one or max two drawings per month.

Sachin Kamath

I am a self taught artist and was able to rediscover in myself the talent and passion for highly detailed and realistic artworks. I aspire to create art as candid as eyes could see, capturing every intricate detail of my subject and meticulously portraying them on a sheet of paper. My subject interests mostly include celebrities, fiction characters, automobiles etc.

I have completed my B.Tech in Mechanical engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK). Worked as an Aerospace engineer and as a Research Assistant at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. I believe science and art are closely associated, both which involve ideas, theories and experimenting, be it in the laboratory or the studio. For example, A great personality like Leonardo da Vinci is best known as an artist whose works were informed by scientific investigation. Presently, I am pursuing my MSc in Aerospace Engineering at NTU, Singapore.

Currently I am involved in perfecting different techniques using charcoal and graphite pencils. My hobbies include painting, gaming, cycling, listening to music and reading. Trying to manage my time as a student and an artist, I am optimistic about many more art works in the days to come.

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