Life Lessons: Learn To Say ‘Thank You’ Instead Of ‘Sorry’

Life Lessons: Learn To Say 'Thank You' Instead Of 'Sorry'

‘Sorry’ has its specific tone. And every time you use it, it basically makes your speech sound like an apology. Consequently, people perceive this in a way that you were guilty or messed something up. However, in most situations it is not the case. And those situations do not actually require you to apologize and say ‘Sorry’.

By adding simple ‘Thank You’ to your speech you can instantly change the mood and way it is perceived with. It is likely to make your partner smile, meanwhile a silly apology tends to cause sort of disappointment and gloom.
This skill is crucial.

The good news: You can master it in one minute.

Say “Thank you for your patience” instead of “Sorry I am always late”

Say “Thank you for listening” instead of “Sorry I am just rambling”

Say “Thank you for understanding me” instead of “Sorry I am not making too much sense”