Marriage can have the effect of counting to ten before doing something rash

I have a friend in office, a very philosophical guy, he never married.

He is still single. Though he fell in love once, he couldn’t commit to the girl. She finally left him.

He once said, ”Aditya, if she really loved me, she would not need an invisible string of marriage to hold on to me. The fact that she needed one suggests that she couldn’t love me enough to make it work without one”

I thought about this, not for hours but for days, just when I was on the verge of believing this theory, something happened. Something very bad.

My mom and dad had the worst fight of their lives.

My mom swore she would not talk to my dad again. They did not for a couple of months.

I was furious with all this, my mom would cry all day, even while talking on the phone. One fine day I asked my mom, “Why don’t you leave him? Go your separate ways”.

She thought for a moment and said “Because I am married to him, I vowed to be with him in thick and thin. This is probably the thinnest we have come.”

Now after one year, they are happy together, like nothing ever happened. All those broken bridges are mended. All arguments are forgotten and all that is left is their love for each other.

This made me realize that relationships are not only about love but they are also about hatred, frustrations and disappointments

And marriage is that invisible thread which holds you together when the light of your love is wrapped around by the clouds of misunderstandings.

It holds you together during those weak moments of your relationship.
And believe me, no matter how much love you have for each other, sometimes there comes those weak moments and you need marriage to hold things together.

Aditya JaisHad been into 3 reallyyyyy long relationships


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