Milky Rainbow Experiment | Science Experiment for Kids

Milky Rainbow Experiment

What happens when you dip dish washer liquid in the Milk?
The milk is made mostly of water molecules, but it also has fat molecules and protein molecules which are bigger than water molecules.

The detergent is made up of detergent molecules.
The cool thing about the different molecules is that they have positive and negative charges in different areas. Some molecules or parts of molecules have no charges.

When you first put the detergent on the milk, the negative end of the detergent molecules line up with the positive end of the water molecules. This causes the detergent molecules to zoom out in every direction over the surface of the milk and push the food coloring out toward the edge of the plate.

And when you dip the detergent down into the milk or bring it to the food coloring at the edge of the plate, there is usually some more swirling and movement of color.

Items Required-
1. Plate
2. Full Cream Milk
3. Dishwasher Liquid
4. Food Coloring
5. Earbud

Steps –
1. Put Milk Into the Plate.
2. Put multiple color Drops in the milk.
3. Now dip the earbud into Dishwasher liquid.
4. Put the earbud on the color drops & see magic.

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