#Ramanujan – The Man Who Knew Infinity

The man who knew infinity Movie Trailer

It is all based on the true story of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a self-taught mathematical whiz whose talent took him from his modest upbringing in India all the way to Trinity College at Cambridge, where he was mentored by G.W. Hardy (Jeremy Irons). Despite racism and non-believerspete hammond review badge, this man was, with the help of Hardy, able to overcome obstacles and show his unique gift to the world. The film, written and directed by Matt Brown, is heavy on numbers. But ultimately it is about the relationship between these two as Hardy tried to overcome skeptics and help Ramanujan reach his full potential over the course of five years in which their paths crossed. The results changed mathematics forever — just as Hawking’s theories did in his world.

It is natural to compare the it with ‘The Theory Of Everything’ as they both appeal to sophisticated moviegoers who like this kind of handsome, refined but inspiring filmmaking. Also, just as in Theory, there is a love interest for Ramanujan with the young bride (Devika Bhise) he leaves behind in India as he pursues this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when a letter he wrote is actually answered by Hardy. The romantic side of things however plays second fiddle to the dynamic between Hardy and his discovery. There is also a first-rate supporting cast including such reliable actors as Toby Jones, Stephen Fry and Jeremy Northam.

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