Ravish Kumar questions, if Debate TV is leading India into darkness

Television news anchor Ravish Kumar created buzz all over social media through his latest episode of NDTV Prime Time. The veteran journalist challenged the sensational coverage of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) controversy. Quite arguably, he came up with the best perspective on the ‘nationalist v/s anti-nationalist’ saga which is dividing the nation on ideological lines. Ravish did not shy away from slamming prime time news anchors Deepak Chaurasia and Arnab Goswami for blatantly taking the far-right stand.

The 9 PM slot on most of the national news channels is meant for panel discussions where the moderate voice remains silenced and rabble-rousers on both sides turn the studio into a stage of verbal war. However, Ravish Kumar has a reputation of not following the TRP herd.

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