Rishi Kapoor turned 90 at the age of 63. See how…

Rishi Kapoor has surprised fans with his new avatar in filmmaker Karan Johar’s next production Kapoor and Sons, in which he plays a 90 year old. But not many know that the actor’s make-up has been done by American artist Greg Cannom, who has worked on Titanic (1997), and was the man behind Brad Pitt’s flawless facial transformation in the 2008 film, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

Rishi Kapoor has recently revealed that the makeup cost Rs 2 crore!

“Rishiji’s character is extremely integral to the storyline. Since he is playing a grandfather, we wanted him to look the part,” says director Shakun Batra. Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan play lead roles in Kapoor and Sons.

How did Greg’s name come up? ‘I had gone to meet Rishiji to discuss the script and his look, and he had a picture from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button on his mobile phone. Co-incidentally, I found out that Cannom was in Mumbai for another film. So, we met him. He is so brilliant. He works on the make-up minutely, as per the characterization details and script” says Shakun.

It was also reported that the make-up cost the makers Rs 2 crore. “I don’t know the exact figure. But surely, our biggest expense has been Rishiji’s make-up” says Shakun, laughing.

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