See what happened when we lied to our Parents for watching a movie with girls

So, it was the third year of my engineering, exam time.

My friend had an idea to go watch the movie “Pyaar ka Punchnama” (first part) with our girlfriends in some other city by his car, a day before our exams.

I was a last night study kind of a guy and my girlfriend was very serious with her studies, yet, I somehow persuaded her to join us and watch the movie.

Show time:
My parents are very easy going so I told my mum that I am going for a movie.

Now, we were watching the movie and my friend’s phone kept buzzing every 10 minutes, at last he said “Locha ho gaya bhai”.

I asked him what happened, he told me “Bhai maine ghar pe bola k ham sab friends dev darshan pe nikle hain car se but dad ko pata shaq hai k ham kahi aur gaye hain” (Bro, I told my dad that we went to visit temples but he has a hunch that we are somewhere else.)

I was like, what the kcuf, which 21 year old goes to visit just temples with his guy friends, obviously he caught us and why are you telling me this now that you lied and hijacked your dad’s car.

Now, what actually happened:
We have a mutual friend, he knew about this, my friend’s dad called him.

Our friend’s reply : uncle wo susu kar raha hai (uncle he went to pee)

Uncle calls my culprit friend : Dad ham xyz temple par hain (We are at xyz temple.)

Uncle calls our mutual friend again : Uncle ham abc temple par hain

Uncle : How the hell can you guys travel 20 miles in just 5 minutes.

Mutual friend switched off his phone.

So, we were caught, my friend dropped us at the mall where I parked my bike and went with his girlfriend inside the mall to buy some stuff. And then went on his way home.

Kahani main twist : Uncle was waiting on the side of the only road that connects his house, he saw my friend with his girlfriend and caught them red handed with the shopping bags. Uncle told him to drop her off home and then come back soon to have some heavy berating.

When he came back, uncle was like, haan haan udao baap k paise ladkiyo pe isliye to kama rahe hain ham. (Yes, yes, keep spending your dad’s money on girls. That’s why in earning, right?) But he did not spend a dime, she did her own shopping, but as per the situation, he did not buy that.

Meanwhile, I get a call from uncle: beta, kaunsi movie dekhne gaye the (Son, which movie did you guys went to watch)

Me : Uncle, P..pya…pya..Pyaar ka Panchnama

Uncle : Beta, tera punchnama to aaj main banaunga.

I was kind of chilled out about it because he was the coolest father I ever met, he taught us drinking manners, how to date girls but one thing he hated was lies, but I did not think he would have reacted.

At night, I was studying, got a call from my asshole dead-to-me friend, bhai tere mom dad mere ghar aa rahe (Dude, your mum and dad are coming to my house)

Me: It is close to midnight, what are you talking about, tera dimag kharab hai? (Are you crazy?)

I rushed downstairs and to my surprise my mum was wearing a saree, I asked her where is she going at this time of the night, she said,

Harsh’s dad called and asked us to come home soon and it is urgent.

And at that moment I was sure that my ass is going to get whopped by not one but a pair of parents. (Her mom already had caught us drinking and was threatening to tell my mom about it, well that is a different story)

So, we were at his home, his mum to me : Beta, fridge main se aamras nikal lana (Son, pour the mango shake in glasses for everyone and come here)

Aamras pila pila k, pila pila k, jo maari hamari k bas hath jod liye.

Now, the arguments :

Harsh did not tell me that he lied. He was furious that I broke the bro code. Even I was in guilt as to how I can say that.

My mum : Are Gaurav muje bata k gaya tha (Gaurav informed me before going)

My dad : Movie hi gaye the ya kahi hotel wotel le gaye the. (You guys went for movies or took the girls to some hotel)

We were like, where the fuck is this conversation going.

Now my mum dad fought with each other that my mum did not inform my dad.

My friend’s dad : Beta hamne b ladkiya ghumayi hai hamare jamane me baap ko bevkoof bana k. Par baap to baap hota hai, hamse nahi chhupna. (Son, we also dated many girls, but you cannot hide it from your father )

The real laugh and argument :

Friend’s mum : Aapne kaunsi ladkiya ghumayi hain (which girls have you dated)

Uncle – Main to bas ese hi (I was just…)

My mum dad fighting with each other, we two were having our delicious Aamras watching them fight. We were soo enjoying that.

But at the end, we had our asses whopped. But it is a great memory.

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