Sometimes just raising your voice is enough #ActOfBravery

Sometimes just raising your voice is enough #ActOfBravery

I was being stalked, literally being shadowed for two months. A guy would follow me in the mornings up to the bus-stop, then wait at a distance till I’d get into the bus. And he’d wait at the bus-stop in the evenings when I’d return from work.

And if I’d take walks in the evenings with my friends, he’d zoom past us on his bike repeatedly and perform wheelies to get my attention. It began to really get on my nerves. I couldn’t step out of my house without having him shadow me. I am a loner, I have the tendency to take walks alone. But this stalker was depriving me of the pleasure of my own company. I complained to my mother about the stalker situation. She, being a very non-confrontational woman, told me to ignore him and wait for his “interest-in-me” to fade. This was unhelpful advice. I decided against telling my father because he is a heart patient and gets stressed easily. My brother being miles away in the USA couldn’t do much to help me. (But brothers being brothers, he started to search for pepper spray products)

I told my guy friends about this situation. Most of them found it amusing. Some of them told me to be brave. Which is sound advice if you come to think of it. Be brave! I wasn’t being the Wonder Woman I had always thought I was.
Before any of you ask me why I didn’t approach the police, I must confess that I considered it. But my mother was apprehensive about approaching the police and suggested we approach the stalker’s family and see if they can talk him out of it.

I knew the stalker’s identity. He lived right opposite my house (and hence was easily able to keep a track of my comings and goings).

And so I decided I’d approach his family and see if I could convey to them the stress their son/brother was causing me.

Anyway while all this brainstorming was underway, the stalking still continued. He had become bolder with time. He stood closer to me at the bus-stop and drove his bike closer to where I’d stand. A few people would joke about it and tell me to stop playing hard-to-get and just give in to his advances. People are really stupid.

One evening, I was downstairs with my friends (we were a total of six women).
As usual, he began to circle us with his bike. I cursed under my breath. My girlfriends saw this madness. A few of them asked me to call my guy friends down.

One of my friends said “don’t call any boy! We are 6 girls. Let’s take him down ourselves”

I was apprehensive . Would confrontation work?

As he zoomed towards us on his bike (the fifth circle he was taking of us). My brave friend realized that the rest of us were transfixed. So she took matters in her hands.

She sprinted towards him and began shouting at the top of her voice “stop stop STOP”

He stopped the bike.

She said, “Do you have a problem with my friend?”
“No”, he said
“Then why do you keep following her around and troubling her?”
“I do not!”
“Oh really? We just saw you do it. I’m taking down your bike number”

Something about that last sentence freaked him out. He quickly zoomed away, guilt written all over his face. My friend sprinted towards me and said, “he won’t follow you now onwards.”

And just as she promised, (prophesied rather) he hasn’t bothered me since then.

She doesn’t spend umpteen hours in a gym. She doesn’t have political affiliations. She isn’t 6 feet tall, broad shouldered and certainly doesn’t wear a cape. She isn’t what you’d envisage a typical hero to be. But despite her inability to fly or spin webs, she went ahead and DID something that no one had the courage to even OFFER to do. She did something I didn’t have the courage to do.

She is a slim 21 year old girl with nerves of steel and the courage of an entire battalion. Who says Heroes ride horses? Some of them ride Scooters.

Thanks Amanda 🙂

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