Still I don’t know whom did I visited that day… Do you…

I got an invitation to attend my cousins dinner party. I have never seen my cousin before and only spoke to him on the phone. I was surprised that his family unexpectedly invited me after all these years.

The invitation had an uncharted address that the GPS was unfamiliar with. I used a map and pinned its location.

As I’m driving I tend to notice how far I ventured off from civilization. Trees after trees, farms after farms. “Where the hell am I going?”

I finally found the address. Approaching the house I notice how dull and dreary it looks. It’s completely engulfed with leaves and branches. “This can’t be it.” I said to myself.

As soon as I entered the rocky driveway my aunt and uncle came out to greet me. They seemed excited and welcoming. Walking in to the house I asked where my cousin is. Answering immediately, “he went to run a few errands he should be back later.”

We spent the whole couple of hours talking about my mother and family. My aunt made delicious home made pot roast that I finished off in minutes. After dinner we played an enduring game of UNO. It was surprisingly fun and competitive.

When we finished UNO it was almost dark and still no sign of my cousin. Regardless, I had to leave. It was almost dark and I would have trouble getting out of this dreadful place. My GPS was ineffective so I asked my aunt and uncle the most efficient way onto the highway.

They gave me a puzzled look. “I thought you were staying the night?” I told them I couldn’t because I had work tomorrow and couldn’t afford to miss another day. “It’s much better if you leave tomorrow morning, otherwise you’ll get lost.”

I shrugged it off and told them not to worry, I’m an adept navigator. I could even get out of the Sahara desert.

Looking aggravated, they strongly advised me to stay the night for my own sake. At this point I was getting confused and irritated.

I sighed, fine I’ll stay the night but I have to get up early for work. “That’s OK” said both of them with a mysterious smile. They seemed strangely ecstatic that I was staying the night, that gave me chills down my spine. I told them I need to get my clothes from my Cars Trunk. They said “OK go grab it till then we will go arrange bed sheets and pillows for you”, As soon as they went, I ran out of the door and got in my car. I hastily pulled out to the driveway.

It took me a while but I found my way out that depressing place. I got home in 2 hours an hour later than expected. It was 11 and I didn’t want to wake my parents up. Climbing my fence and entering the back door I noticed the kitchen lights were on.

As soon I took my first step in the door I see my mom standing there looking impatient.

“Where were you ?” She asked.

“I was at aunt Debra’s, you knew this.”

“Don’t Lie to me, Debra is here waiting to meet you for last 2 hours.” She said

I went to the hall the couple was sitting there with the same mysterious smile on their face. I started shivering, somehow I gathered all the courage left in me and asked “where is my cousin?”.

“They already told you, He went to run a few errands he should be back later.” My Mom replied with the same mysterious smile.

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