The Best Airports Tips to have an awesome flying experience

Almost everything about the passenger experience is more negotiable than you might think. There are lots of ways to hack this, especially if you plan to travel frequently. None of them are rocket science, but getting the basics right can make you infinitely happier while traveling.

  • Drink a liter of water before flight
  • Bring an empty water bottle, fill it before boarding
  • Drink a cup of water per hour of flight
  • Sit aisle if you drink as much water as I recommend
  • Drink a liter of water after flight
  • Skip coffee + tea, it will dehydrate you (drink more water if you must caffeinate)
  • Take a screenshot of your boarding pass
  • In coach, ask to move to an emergency seat after takeoff (they can’t charge you then) or when boarding is over (flight attendants are often super nice)
  • Use lip balm on lips and cuticles
  • Moisturize face and hands
  • Use anti-bacterial wipes for seat/tray table  (don’t put your face on a tray table without sanitizing the tray table! A friend got an infection due to this)
  • Use travel pillow/blanket to doze
  • Fly JetBlue (wifi is free) or buy your wifi on the ground (it’s cheaper)
  • Fill your Safari Reading List with articles that can be accessed offline if you don’t want to pay for wifi
  • If you want to splurge, get the noise cancelling Bose QC headphones
  • I recently bought travel cubes –(I got em from Marhsall’s) + they’re a $12 game changer. I separate pants, shirts, shoes, and undergarments. My luggage is always organized, which saves a ton of times (aka no repacking needed)
  • If you have a halal/vegetarian dietary restriction and are flying business, don’t make a meal request. There are always fish/vegetarian options – and they’ll bring a sub-par meal for what you’d paid to be in business
  • Ask for an upgrade – you might get lucky
  • Always look behind you before reclining your chair, you might crush somebody’s neck/laptop by being mindless. Recline slowly as a heads up to whoever is behind you
  • Apply for Global Entry/Pre-Check!

Ps, if you’re wondering why to hydrate: Pressurized cabins have low humidity and are very dry places. 30-64% air humidity is what’s recommend for comfort. Airplane can be beneath 10%. Natural moisture in your skin + body evaporates.

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