The most Common 19 Differences Between Men And Women

Being a Man, understanding women seriously confuses me. The general consensus I’m getting is that men are much more sorted than the mysterious creatures that are women. Sorry guys! Sex and gender… apparently it’s super complicated stuff. Obviously, people just love to exaggerate the stereotypes. Let’s face it, we don’t dictate identity based on these silly things. While we know a lot of this is a big stretch, it’s still pretty funny to learn what the Internet thinks about men and women.

Picking a color

Showing up in the same outfit

Turning every photo into a selfie

Breaking a nail

Looking at the mirror

Shopping trips

Maneuvering the tough things

Finding the perfect undies

Constantly competing


Going to the bar

Buying shoes

Identifying shoes

Picking the right bathroom

Measuring time

Trying to understand what’s wrong

Where did your mind go?

So true!

Basically, it’s just complicated



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