This Surf Excel Ad gives a beautiful message of Ramazan #DaagAccheHai #madadekibadat

This Surf Excel Ads beautiful message of Ramazan, Daag Acche hai - #madadekibadat

This Ramazan, Surf Excel delivers a message so beautiful in the best of the human form. Help those who are in need, even if it requires going out of the way. The festive time is here with the holy days of Ramazan and it sets a perfect time for spreading love, humility and harmony.

“Kisi ki madad karna bhi aik ibadat hai. Aur agar madad karne mein daagh lag jain, tou daagh acche hain”

A child running and doing their notorious stuff, getting themselves dirty in mud while playing or, getting ink stains while in school are some very usual stuffs seen in advertisement videos of Surf Excel. However, this time it comes with a twist and we are loving the twist. The new video will touch the very emotional chord of anyone who work or expect towards making this world a better place for everyone.

Kids in this video are celebrating Ramazan evenings, all decked up in their new clothes (kurta) when one of the boy notices something which went unnoticed by the passerby. The boy who could have easily went ahead and had fun enjoying the fest, instead he and his friends find their fun in helping a old man. The kids saved the day and for sure managed to bring smile on every face, even the mother who would have to wash their dirty clothes, the kid light up her face with a proud smile.

Surf Excel you won many hearts with this one!


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