Veerappan : None like him ever Existed #VeerappanMovie

Veerappan Movie Trailer

The trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s forthcoming film Veerappan has finally released today. It shows the brutality and the killings that took place during the rule of this bandit in the forest lands.

Starring Sandeep Bhardwaj, Sachiin J Joshi, Usha Jadhav and Lisa Ray, the trailer gives an insight into the real life events that took place during the time Veerappan smuggled sandalwood. Not even the army forces could escape his eye to get inside his territory. (Read: Amitabh Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh laud RGV’s ‘Killing Veerappan’ trailer)

Sandeep Bhardwaj takes the center-stage as he is seen essaying the role of Veerappan and Lisa Ray’s little glimpses are not to be missed. The dark mystery also explains facts like he killed 97 policemen, 184 civilians, 900 elephants and Rs. 734 cr were spent to capture him. It took as many as 20 years to capture Veerappan. (Also read: Ram Gopal Varma starts shooting ‘Killing Veerappan’)

Watch the trailer of the film here:

The film is a docu-drama thriller which showcases he events from operation Cocoon to capture Veerapan from the dense forests.

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma the film will release on May 27.

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