What’s the Cheapest Way to Send Money to India?

As I use to visit abroad many times, I have gone through the hassles of transferring money back home in India. If you are a business person like I am, it is imperative that you know the best prices, quickest service and the most reliable methods to send money overseas, whether it’s to pay an offshore worker or to pay for a product or service or transfer to your own Bank Accounts in India.

These charts are all about India. Remitly is the cheapest way to send money to India but if your need is immediate the rates differ, there are more expensive options. And beware of the hidden fees!

Transfer Method Fees upto $1000 Fees above $1000 Instant Transfer (4 hours) Economy Transfer (3-5 days) Joining Bonus Start Using
Remitly $2.99 FREE 0.91%  0.70% 10$ Try
Transferwise $2.99 $2.99 0.93% NA Exchange Rate till $4500 Try
Xoom $2.99 FREE NA 0.93% 20$ Try

If you wanna transfer money now try Transferwise and get a free first transfer at the Exchange rate upto $4500.

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  1. Transferwise – ” ABSOLUTE ZERO 0 FEE “. It gives you a transfer for no charges and is pretty fast. Try for yourself and share it. Believe me it is the best I found so far.

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